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Why IOG , NCKU ?

There are two things you should know in Gerontology, which is studies involving older adult: firstly, we are all aging, not just the elders. Secondly, aging is continuous and multi-faceted processing. Hence, in Gerontology study, cross-field is an essential element.

To reach that, Institute of Gerontology in National Cheng Kung University have diversified curriculum, especially for physiology, psychology, society, policy of the older adults, and study design. With bountiful resource in campus and 9 colleges, students like us can explore food, clothing, housing, entertainment, music, medicine and policy issue for older adults. Of all field, medicine and social welfare are two major pillars, which has already build large database and system under Taiwan policy.

Real interdisciplinary study take place in students of all kind and experts of all field. Collaborating with classmate from different majors and brainstorming with viewpoints from every aspect are the most valuable progress. Entangling with every idea and possibilities sparkles the research and banish the boring.

  Other than academic training, field training is an indispensable part for real world. In IOG, students are required to take hospital and off-campus internship, and that definitely fire our passion for this industry. The hospital internship is the one and only course in Taiwan, even students without medical knowledge receive gigantic experience. Moreover, off-campus internship gets us closer to social welfare system, encouraging us to go deeper in idea and study.

Institute of Gerontology in National Cheng Kung University aim to cultivate Gerontology professionals with innovation and leadership. And that means you, the one with multiple potential and patience to watch this video to the end. We keep open doors and hearts for students of all kind. We are expecting your involvement to the bright future.